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UO:98 is an extension to the UO Demo released by Origin Systems in 1998 on the Ultima Online:Second Age CD. The UO Demo (demo) is an offline tutorial for Ultima Online. The Demo featured only the town of Ocllo, and a quest that a player could complete while learning about the Game and Client. UO:98 unlocks many of the features that exist in the UO Demo such as the ability for others to connect with a regular UO Client, the ability to use the built in staff tools, and the expansion of the playing world to the entire map, and world saving. UO:98 also adds new features such as an accounting system, full world decoration, and support for later UO Client versions.

Starting UO:98
In Game

Installation prerequisites

In addition to requiring the Ultima Online:The Second Age CD, the UO:98 distribution also requires (at a minimum), the following software installed or available on the target platform.

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client Profile.
  • Ultima Online Client version 1.25.35 through 5.x
    • (6.x packet protocols not yet implemented)

Installing UO:98

You must have the UO Client installed to your PC first. Note that under Windows 7 and Vista it is not recommended to install the UO Client in "Program Files" or on the root of the C drive (C:\) due to security issues with these folders. The installer will offer to direct you to the Download page for the Microsoft .Net 4.0 framework. If it is not installed at the time of installation you will need to re-run the installer after the completion of the Framework install. It's best practice to place the Ultima Online : The Second Age CD in your CD Rom drive before beginning the installation so that the installer can find your copy of the required UoDemoInstall.exe file on that disk. Installation should be relatively straightforward. If you have trouble, please visit the UO:98 forums for help

Using UO:98

As of the intial public release, UO:98 is started from the UO98 folder by running StartUO98.cmd. You may be prompted the first time the program is run to allow UODemo+.exe through your firewall. If you intend to allow connections to UO:98 from outside your local network, you should check the "public" in addition to "private" box in that dialog.

UO:98 supports the client version on the UO:T2A (1.25.35) through 5.x. You may use Razor to connect to UO:98, or modify the login.cfg file in your UO Client folder and use a decrypted version of the client. See UORice for more info on decrypting the client.

  • Server: <YOUR LAN ADDRESS> (not localhost or
  • Port: 2593

The server will not accept connections using localhost or Use your lan address. In windows you can determine your LAN address by typing ipconfig at the command prompt.

The default port for UO:98 is 2593'. This may be modified within the file UO98\rundir\UO98\server.txt.q It's not recommended at this time to modify fields other than <port XXX> in the server.txt.q file.

The server as distributed has one administrator account:

  • Username: Administrator
  • Password: password

Additional accounts can be auto created by simply attempting login on a non-existent account.