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Welcome the UO Demo Wiki.

UO Demo or UODemo refers to the Ultima Online Demo released by Origin Systems Inc in 1998 on the UO:Second Age Retail CD. It was as the name hints, an offline playable demo of the Ultima Online game back then. The information in this wiki is derived from reverse engineering the demo consisting of one executable file and one data file.

The name T2A Demo is somewhat of a misnomer, as the server contained within the demo is Pre-T2A. The uodemo.exe file contains both a early UO Client, and a complete production UO server dated to mid 1998. The scripts contained within the demo are nearly complete for the server's timeframe, and even include some preliminary work on T2A era mechanics.

To install the demo you need an Ultima Online:The Second Age retail CD. Good luck has been had finding these on EBay and other auction sites.

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UO:98 UO Server

Mass M Decompiler

The Command List

About the obfuscated scripts

Dating the Ultima Online Demo

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UO Demo Files

Files on the UO:The Second Age retail CD

UoDemoInstall.exe is in the root of the CD.

After installing UO Demo you see two files : uodemo.exe and uodemo.dat.

uodemo.exe is the executable, it contains authentic server code and a full client.

uodemo.dat is encrypted using the GOST block cipher [1]. The keys to decrypt the file are inside uodemo.exe. See also .rundir.

Modified UODemo Files

UoDemo+. (UO Demo Plus)

The uodemo+.exe is a modified demo executable to help unleash some of the secrets within.

UoDmClnt. (UO Demo Client)

The UoDmClnt.exe is a modified uodemo.exe to act as a real/pure client without calling the server functions.

UO Demo Forum

09/13/09 (2009-09-13) With the help of Derrick, a forum where you can find help about running or hacking/modding the demo, was opened on the JoinUO Forums.
02/17/14 (2014-02-17) After ownership of JoinUO was transfered (in september 2013), our UO Demo/UO:98 forums were removed, the old UO Demo forum can be found here : UO Demo Forum

UO Demo Development

Unpacking UODemo.DAT

Accessing the files inside the DAT archive

Decompiling the Scripts

SVN Server

A public SVN has been set up for releasing UODemo related software projects. You can browse the library here:

UO:98 Public Ultima Online Server

UO:98 is a full world multi-player extension to the UO Demo. Source code here, requires installer and T2A CD containing UoDemoInstall.exe.

UO Demo Class Library

The UO Demo Class Library is an SDK for working with the UODemo files and internals. It currently implements a script compiler and decompiler. The source code is available here.

UOSL Language

UOSL Language Package - A Language pack for the the UOSL scripting language for Visual Studio 2010.

UOSL Parser - Command line script validator and normalizer.

Using Subversion

SubVersion client software is useful for interfacing with the SVN server. SubVersion is a version control system. For more info on what Subversion is you can read more about it here Apache_Subversion on Wikipedia. For client software for Windows try TortiseSVN.