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UoDmClnt was invented to make uodemo+ Publish 10 work.

OSI made a lot of protocol changes and even the client that comes on the Ultima Online Gold CD does not work 100% with the patched uodemo+. The best shot to make this work was to patch the demo to act as a real client.

Download the UoDmClnt and place it somewhere on your PC, preferably in your UO game directory. You have to create a file UoDmClnt.cfg in your UO game directory (same directory where login.cfg and uo.cfg are found).

Give it these contents: DemoServer=<IP>,<PORT>

The <IP> is the IP address of the computer running the UoDemo+ server. The <PORT> is the port number as in server.txt, by default this is 10016. Never use as the <IP>, as this is the fixed IP address used by the internal client of the UoDemo+ server.

Publish 4

The automatic logon process has been removed, you can now create type an account name (depends on server though!) and create new characters. Download UoDmClnt (Publish 4)

Publish 3

You can now use REGKEYNAME to override the registry subkey, default is "1.0". Download UoDmClnt (Publish 3)

Publish 2

The timings of the Sleep patch were improved. Download UoDmClnt (Publish 2)

Publish 1

Added missing socket functions and replaced the calls to the linked list with calls to the socket functions. Also a Sleep patch was added. Download UoDmClnt (Publish 1)