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Presenting you the Mass M Decompiler with VB.NET source code...

This utility is able to create 2 sorts of output. UO-C is the output closest to the M script files. Real-C was invented to make analysis easier because the output has been made compatible with the C language so cross-referencing variables and function names works without problems.

How it works? Very easy, extract all files from the DAT file with Ultima Online uodemo.dat extractor 0.1b [1] and point the utility to the extracted scripts subdirectory. Then press the Mass Decompile button and when the decompilation is finished press the Dump All button, this will create a scripts.c directory.

If you need assistance with using the Mass M Decompiler please search or post your question at JoinUO : UO Demo Forum

Download Mass M Decompiler (Publish 3).
NOTE: This version uses the UO Demo SDK and also fixed a bug related with the decompilation of the targetloc event, this bug was reported by Garret of

Download Mass M Decompiler (Publish 2).
NOTE: Publish 2 fixes the include statement to make it compatible with the actual script contents

Download Mass M Decompiler (Publish 1).

Technical information about the M files can be found here.