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The Ultima Online Demo contains some features that people didn't know about till now!

Did you know you can tell the wisp to go away?
Say "dismiss" and the wisp will leave you alone and will start a life of its own.

The demo supports a file named login.txt, you have to place it in the root of the .rundir directory. The contents of that file will appear in your journal as soon as you log on to the demo server. Note: not all characters may appear but this seems to be limitation of the client and not the server, the packet contains the complete file.

The account numbers found in dynamic0.mul are IP addresses (of OSI programmers back then?)
Analysis of the account numbers has revealed that there's a direct match between them and IP addresses. These IP addresses are now owned by EA and were most probably owned by OSI in 1998 (?). The Avatar, the hero of the demo, has has a fixed account number 2130706433 which equals the IP address aka localhost. forum topic

The poisoning script contains a serious bug.
It took OSI until october to fix this bug: 10/1/98 OSI Patch Notes
(with thanks to Dies Irae)