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Much of the Content of UO is defined in this file.

Organized into individually numbered templates, the individual templates defined in this file provide the contruction arguments (delarations) for non-generic items, and all templated mobiles (such as NPC's, Monsters, Packs of creatures, Camps, etc.). It is evident from the structure and content of this file that there is much parity between Items and Mobiles.

Template Structure

Each declaration in the file appears on it's own line. Some delarations are are optional and/or repeatable as approptiate for that class of delaration.

The general format is as follows, with the individual elements, and value types defined later.

<type <ObjectType> <TypeSpecificID>>
[Optional Elements...]
<@@@ END @@@>

Template Elements

One per line, internal whitespace ignored.

Required Elements

Name Format Description
TemplateID <<TemplateID>> The ID of this template
Template Type <type <ObjectType> <ObjectID>> The ObjectType of this tempate and the ObjectID
End <@@@ END @@@> Marks the end of the template

Optional Elements

R: Repeatable
Because the NONE type is used as a template overlay, it's assumed all elements are valid for none
Name Format Description R M I
CreatesNPCs <createsnpcs <Bool>> This item generates NPC's relative to it's position in <eq> X
Frequency <frequency <SingleValue>> Not fully understood X X
Region <region <Value>> Not fully understood X  ?
RegionLimit <regionlimit <Value>> Not fully understood X  ?
Job <job <UnquotedString>> A Title of an NPC, displayed after their name X
Sex <sex <Gender>> The gender of the NPC (MALE, FEMALE or OTHER) X
Name <name <Value> > The "Name List" to use to generate a name for the Object(?) X  ?
Partial Hue <partialhue <HueValue>> The "partial hue" to apply to the object (vs. "solid hue") X  ?
Hue <hue <HueValue>> The "solid hue" to apply to the object X  ?
Quantity <quantity <SingleValue>> Quantity, probably used only when ObjectID represents a stackable item  ?  ? X
ObjVar <objvar <Type> <String> <Value> > An ObjVar to add to the Object X X
Script <script <String>> An Script to attach to the Object X X  ?
sfxNotice <sfxnotice <Value>> Mobile Notice sound ID X
sfxIdle <sfxidle <Value>> Mobile Notice sound ID X
sfxHit <sfxidle <Value>> Mobile Idle sound ID X
sfxWasHit <sfxwashit <Value>> Mobile Took Damage sound ID X
sfxDie <sfxdie <Value>> Mobile Died sound ID X
ConvFrag <convfrag <FragmentName>> Add Speech Fragment for the Mobile X X
Alignment <alignment <AlignEntry>> The Alignment the Mobile (GOOD, NEUTRAL or EVIL) X
Notoriety <notoriety <SingleValue>> The Notoriety value of the Mobile (Int or Dice) X
Strength <strength <SingleValue>> The Strength value of the Mobile (Int or Dice) X
Dexterity <dexterity <SingleValue>> The Dexterity value of the Mobile (Int or Dice) X
Intelligence <intelligence <SingleValue>> The Intelligence value of the Mobile (Int or Dice) X
HitPoints <hp <SingleValue|STR>> The HitPoints value of the Mobile, or use STR as base X
Mana <mana <SingleValue|INT>> The Mana value of the Mobile, or use INT as base X
Stamina <stamina <SingleValue|DEX>> The Stamina value of the Mobile, or use DEX as base X
NaturalWC <naturalwc <SingleValue>> The Default Base Damage the NPC delivers when it Hits X
NaturalAC <naturalac <SingleValue>> The The Natural Armor Class of the creature X
Immunities <immunities <ImmunityValue>> Immunity X X  ?
Skill <sk <SkillValue> <SingleValue>> Set skill on mobile to value X X
Equip <eq <ObjectDefValue> [MAGIC I J K] <HueValue> <Amount> [AT X Y Z] [SELFCONTAINED|SELLABLE|BUYABLE|contained|wear] [poi_cleanup] [sumdeadtemp] [pet]> Add Object X X X
R Equip <req <ObjectDefValue> [???] <HueValue> <Amount> [AT X Y Z] [???] [poi_cleanup]> Possible bugged entry  ?  ?  ?
Friends <friends <TemplateID>> Identifies "Friends" of this Mobile by template X X
Resource <resource [food|shelter|production|desire] <Max> <Rate> <ResName>> Resource declaration X X X

Value Definitions